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Runescape, the massive online adventure game by Jagex Games Studios. A world full of adventures, players and combat. Make new friends or battle fierce creatures and people. You also have the ability to cook food YOU fished out of the water on a fire that YOU made from logs YOU cut! Many skills are available on this free-to-play(f2p) game! Members have much more benifiets. They gain access to new skills such as Hunting and Fletching. You also unlock various items, weapons and armor such as the Marigold Seed, Dragon Scimitar and Dharok's Platebody. Challenge your friends to duels to the death at the Kharid Duelling Arena! You can duel for fun or duel for prizes. Duelling Tournaments, located at the Kharid Duelling Arena, are available to members to fight various duels to great and amazing prizes! Level up your combat level by training your fighting skills such as Attack and Defense. Prayer is one of the most useful skills that can save your life on the battlefield.Try RuneScape today! Kakayaa 23:00, October 30, 2009 (UTC)