~ Should there not be a guardian, a civilization is at great risk ~

~ Kakayaa ~

These people guard our POC Rimmington. All members are soldiers and warriors during emergencies but these are normal military soldiers. Some soldiers are squad members. Their squad is listed next to their name. To join, talk to either Ehtya or Kakayaa. Soldiers are generally adressed by their rank and then their name. For example: General Kakayaa, Lieutenant Dethblade665, Private Killherhard7.

  • Kakayaa - Supreme Militia General
  • 96devils - High Commander
  • Alifant - Primary Armory Manager
  • Dethblade665 - Alpha Squad Lieutenant Warrior
  • Icerocks23 - Alpha Squad Warrior
  • Oni Link286 - Alpha Squad Warrior
  • Icarus Zilo - Alpha Squad Warrior
  • P3nguin L0rd - Bravo Squad Lieutenant Archer
  • Swordsox - Bravo Squad Warrior
  • Killherhard7 - Bravo Squad Warrior
  • Rballr - Bravo Squad Warrior
  • Status136 - Normal Warrior
  • Taizestros - Normal Warrior

EE Militia Uniforms Edit

The EE Militia has uniforms for each distinct class. These uniforms are listed below. New uniforms posted below when available.

  • Warrior-Full Plate Armor Set/Rune Chainbody is an Exception
  • Mage-Full Blue Wizard Set/Full Black Wizard Set
  • Archer-Leather Armor Set/Green Dragonhide Set

EE Strategic Plans Edit

The EE Militia has many different strategic plans. These plans are listed below. New plans are posted below along with their creator when available.

  • Flank Strategy One - Weaker soldiers in the front as a distraction, stronger soldiers at the sides for flanking. -Kakayaa
  • Trap Strategy One - Weaker soldiers lure the enemy to a trap of mages, rangers and stronger soldiers. -Kakayaa
  • Lookout Strategy One - Weaker soldiers at left and right to alert of flanks, stronger soldiers at the front. -Kakayaa
  • Flank Strategy Two - All soldiers at one side of the wall to move behind the enemy and flank from behind. -Kakayaa
  • Evasion Strategy One - All but one soldier at the front, when our team is defeated, other soldier hides until the enemy is tired of looking for him. -Kakayaa
  • Trap Strategy Two - All but one soldier scatters to corners on our side of the field, when the one is attacked, all soldiers rush to his position for ambush. -Kakayaa