The Commonwealth Estate License of Trade, Hierarchy, Endowment, and Stock (CELTHES) was founded by Nremni and due to several very rich members and high donation income is a very economically strong clan.

Celthes began as a small clan founded by Nremni and two of his friends. The Clan got about 6 more members before it started doing things to earn them money and economic power. After a few weeks of operating as a Clan Nremni met Ehtya and together they founded the EE-Celthes Allegiance. Celthes supported EE financially and EE supported Celthes in Military. Celthes gathered some more members such as Stavrok who later went on to work for EE. Celthes was very succesful but was then shut down by Nremni because of a major loss in money and members.

Celthes was rebuilt recently by Nremni with Ehtyas help and though it is still weak is working on building up a large amount of money and more members.

The Clan is experiencing issues after Comnos444 was revealed to be a corrupter working for a larger group working to shut down clans. EE is working to help Celthes recover from its financial and stability loss of losing Comnos444. Altikins was hacked as well.

Celthes joined Zerouhs allegiance when Zerouh saved Celthes from corruptionests and Financial instability. Celthes joined as one of the original Clans to join along with EE, and Kaiser Blade.

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