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I first met the great leader, Ehtya, at clan wars. I was but a level twenty at the time. Before EE, the clan was known as "The Dathomir". I later met other members, such as former alternative leader, Trx250exh, Flyingsushi1, Filch20 and many others. One of the first I met was Mutt Jr. Each of these elder members of EE are retired. I fought many clan wars battles alongside Ehtya and other members. I rose swiftly in the ranks, faster than anyone ever could. Eventually I surpassed Trx250exh's athourity. Ehtya trusted me ever since we met and I have trusted him. We were best friends ever since. If I ever retired from RuneScape, Ehtya would be the only one i would trust with my account. Ehtya was a higher level than me for many months. One day, all that changed. I rose past his level. I am currently level eighty(eighty-two on members worlds counting summoning). Many battles Ehtya fought with me at clan wars and many battles we emerged victorious. One day I quit RuneScape to play World of Warcraft. It was and incredibly sad day for EE. I later returned to EE's aid. I was able to stick around EE until the Rimmington Project began. We were stopped by Kaiser Blade, however. We are now allies. Celthes is also a major allly for EE. EE, Kaiser Blade and Celthes are a trio alliance. Our clan logo is currently the insignia of our trio alliance and the insignia of the Zerouh Triumvirate. But later on, Kaiser Blade began to insult me and I started  to question our alliance. However Kaiser Blade apologized and we are now clear again. Kakayaa 17:34, November 1, 2009 (UTC)


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